My Bissell 1834C Upright Vacuum

My Bissell 1834C upright vacuum. I'm loving this thing so far. It's as maneuverable as any upright, but beside that it's awesome.

The suction is a LOT better than my Dirt Devil was and the power head seems to work better as well. It is however very loud.

Now you see on the handle there is a brush for the stairs and the sofa and so on. It is powered by the suction of the vacuum and I can see it clogging - so that may be an issue in the future, but it cleaned my chair very well.

The hose says 6 feet, but I think it would fall over if I tried to stretch it that far. It's a spring inside the hose to make it shorter on the vacuum. It does stretch, but it's stiff and I'm sure it won't go 6 feet.

The unit is a bit heavy but it's also very powerful and has a large capacity bucket on it for the dirt. The dirt bucket is a bit complicated though - so it may be an issue to some people.

The filters are easy enough to get at and to wash, so that's not an issue. Just the bottom one is in there tight and hard to place back in.

It will do multiple levels of carpet and hard flooring as well.

It takes up a lot less room in the storage room than my canister version did, so that is also a bonus.

so far with just one use I am very happy with it and 5/5 stars. BTW comes in 3 colors and for some reason they are MORE money if you don't get the red one. Not sure why, but if you want purple it will be like $40 more. Or at least it was online.


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