Recalculated my best guess of net months left over money. I got my vacuum coming Friday as well as the HDMI switch. Also ordered some cleaning supplies (big bottles) and more undies. I've also increased the food budget as I am getting some extra stuff I want. For the first time in years, I'll be paying full price for toilet paper as I did NOT get some this month and will have like 3 or 4 rolls at the end of the month it looks like. So unless there is a sale coming up at the end of the month - I'll get it at regular price. Hell if a sale comes up next week I'll get it as well. Coffee I ALWAYS wait to be on sale - the coffee listed here is coffee out at the cafe. Considering how much stuff I got for myself and for a couple people - this is good. I have not added in the cost of the supplements I am ordering next month - deduct $13 for that and it's a 3 month supply. They will be on subscription and replace the $30 order every 3 months of the hemp oil. It's the same active ingredients and slightly higher dose - so it's all good. So it's actually $152.26... In any event it's more than I expected. I expected to be about toast after I got everything and the vacuum was going to be ordered 3 months from now. So it's been a good month. BTW got a credit card from the bank - a real one not the debit card I had - so I can order early if and when needed. Thus the vacuum coming early. The Whisky is like a 1750 ml bottle of Alberta Premium and will get me off my ass drunk like 4 times or I can hit at it for weeks - not sure what will happen yet LOL. I'm not planning on getting more, this is a treat. I am also owed $20 but I'm thinking I may never see it - she is not well off. It's all good though, still a great friend. Friends help each other. She gives me chicken again and I'll call it even. Don't you love when I don't use paragraphs?


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