When I was young, I wanted to become anarchy. Now I want to take a nap...

Deer YouTube I swear to GOD that stupid bell in the corner keeps blinking...

Schizophrenia often makes people think they are a genius and/or a world class talent.

Being strong can come in the form of loving those who hate you. It is easy to love those who love you. But there is a difference between love and trust. There is also a time to defend against hate. There is never a time that hating them back is OK though. Even if that means you need to kill to protect good. Sometimes war is just. But war for hate or for profit is never just. Be love, don't just say it.

Oinked down a doughnut... Good evening so far :)

You Love me, you really love me. Too bad you can't admit it to yourself that your attracted as hell.

Who wants to ride the butt-hurt express? There are no stops. You get on and just keep riding. Your subscription to an internet provider is all you need :)

If the world had no one who was 40+ years old and living at home, mom and/or dad then who would be on the internet most of the time? If it were not for them and us shut-ins, then there would only be a few random kids on here trolling each other. Stand up and be counted... We are the interwebs!

 1. A person who spends all their time trolling on the internet instead of working at a job or doing things for his/her community.
2. Someone who has more profiles on a web page than a drag queen has high heels.
3. A person who only lives to show he/she has no value in society.
4. Someone who does not try to help others when possible.
5. A lost cause socially speaking.

I'm a super star :) I am the top of the pile :) I am a bacon double cheese burger and a pint of beer :) ME FTW!

Show the world you have love in your heart and most of them will ignore you. Some of them will hate you for it and a small amount will show you love in return. It's always worth it though. Always.

I have 230 naked photos of someone who don't like me anymore. What do I do with them?

Good GOD I am awesome. Not to mention the famous AxeMoose :) The entire world wants to be me and loves me. The ones that hate me, know they can never be the awesome that is me - so they hate. All raise a glass to ME!

Rizatriptan Benzoate 5mg
4 of these darn things set me back $90.11. They did not work at all. No better than an Advil. Dang if I only know. I would have used the extra $90.11... Oh well. A friend uses them though and she swears by them. They are for migraines BTW.

Dang! There is that ice pick in the brain feeling again... FECK it hurts. Oh and because I was LOLing so hard, my left side is cramping... I am too old. I hurt myself laughing.

If there was an actual God out there, he would be subscribed to me.

Waiting for the magic toaster to tell me it's whisky O-Clock...

Why do I need to be forgiven? Oh, I was born into sin was I? If I don't repent it's the lake of fire for time ever lasting. What kind of monster would do that to someone for not accepting them? When in reality they don't accept you and you need to change for them. Sound logic there.

Thinking about watching Spacestation 76? Don't. It's so full of suck it created a black hole.

Amazing Grace, she sits on my face.
It's all a disgrace.
Tumbling naked into the bed.
As I crush a beer can on my head.
The night is young and I am old.
911 on speed dial as I as I grab hold.
My chest is tight, my lips turn blue.
I knew this was a mistake and so should you.

Why do cops talk so loudly? And I don't want to put my pants on... GET OFF MY LAWN...

It never fails to amuse the hell out of me that people who are profoundly mentally ill always think everyone else is crazy not them. Not to mention that they think that others are harming them in some way by just posting a video. They will complain to no end about the content and yet will watch every single video all the way through several times. This is the sign of not only being mentally ill to the max, but also of being more than a little light on the IQ points. After all anyone with the IQ over that of a common house cat would find better things to do with every last waking moment than to be watching things they don't like. Even a rat will go do something else if they don't like what they are doing. Alas there is no hope for a fool who thinks he is the king.

Young man, when I was your age and acted like that - my parents locked me in the root cellar for 3 days.

You can't arrest or detain a minor unless the legal guardian is present? What the living fuck are you talking about. Well he chopped this other kind into little bits. But we can't detain him because his mom is not here. Oh, he is running away, better just let him go, his mummy is still not here. Why are people so fucking stupid? OMFG I have a headache. I had to mute the post. Way too may stupid people. Holly shit on a stick. Humanity is truly fucked.

I have covered myself with butter and the floor with cornflakes and purple glitter... Now to roll in it!

Fate is twisted. I am in so much pain my eyes are tearing up. Yet I am in one hell of a great mood. Happy as I can remember being and rocking the hell out to some good tunes. Music is medication.

You are a victim mostly of yourself. Others may help to push you in a direction, but it's most often your reaction that punishes you. If you see yourself as a victim than you will be. If you see yourself as above the suffering you have been through, then you will move past it. If you don't move past it, it will get worse with every day. You will see people who are happy and be re-hurt. There is only one end to it in this life. To choose to be happy and to move to that goal. If you don't there will be only sadness. I know it's hard to get there, but the effort and struggle is worth it. You deserve to be happy. Don't let anything or anyone take the joy of life away. Not pain, not poverty, not discrimination. You have the right to move past these things. Abuse will continue if you let it, chose to leave. Chose to end it. You are a person with the same right to happiness as anyone. Grab the rainbow and hold onto it.
Hugs - Dave :)

I don't care that I won't live to be 90. I don't care that it hurts all the time. I don't care that I can't breathe right. I don't care that I can't walk 3 blocks. I don't care that I don't have a partner in life. I make a LOT of people happy every day all day. I am blessed. and that makes me VERY happy :)

Going to day 1020 then no longer doing daily vlogs. It's too much of a pain in the ass. The upload is never working right. It can take 6 hours to process a video. After that I am doing just now and then when I have something to talk about. It literally might be months the way I am feeling, till I post after that. Will be watching every day. And will be moving the tag channel to my main channel as soon as the ones I have scheduled are all posted.

Repeat after me: "I will do the right thing and chose the path of light. I will do no harm unless I need to defend the innocent. I will make others happy as often as I can. I am a useful and productive member of society no matter what others say. To be kind and loving might get me hurt, but it is its own reward. Love is the answer."

Ever looked at someone being angry and thought all they need is a good orgasm?

I remember a nice little old lady blocking me on Facebook and giving the reason that "you post a lot of adult content and my grandkids might see it". When have I posted anything that a kid should not see? The fact was she saw me post pro LGBTQ material and decided I was going to burn in hell and could do it alone...
Wish she would "Take Five" and realize how stupid that all is in the end to hate people for who they love.

Love is not far away. Even in the deepest reigns of the darkest hell on earth there is true love to be found. Even if you think there is no one to love you there is someone who does. You are never alone.

It's hard to be a person of good moral standing in a world of lies and hate. It is far easier to just take and never give. That is unless you just can't lower yourself to do that. Then you are stuck with being used over and over, the entire time smiling and loving those who take from you. It's worth it in the end (at least to me) to be a good person and to do for others. The reward is obvious. For those who take, there is never a time when enough it enough. They will always be wanting because they do not understand that giving is more important to your wellbeing than to take.

I want to make a duct tape ball gown. I want to look pretty and kind of manly at the same time.

There are over 1 billion people on YouTube. Less than 10,000 make a living on it. The average person will take over 2 years to see the first $100 come in the mail. That is if they post every day. Some I know have vlogged for over 4 years and seen less than $40 in income from them. It will never make you rich and chances are you will never have fame.

There is no visible limit to my awesomeness.

You mad bro? Awe...

I have come to the conclusion that all the people who do not love me, are not all that bright. Being that I have compaction for all people who are disadvantaged, I have pity for them. After all they are incapable of realizing the awesome joy that I am. The mere site of me should fill them with awe and wonder. I am that awesome.

Pain sucks


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