Art Week Day 1 and 2

 Random Play Time - the new icon I am using on YouTube and social media.It's just converted to grey then coloured over. Simple and easy.
 Day 1 - A little play with some free models I got for Bryce years ago. Being that the program is unsupported in the market these days, it's good to hold onto the old ones. I can also make new ones using Hexagon or import from other programs in several formats like light wave and so on.
 Day 2 - Logo play for a YouTube friend. Used Paint Shop Pro X9 and Eyecandy Plugin set to do this. All it is, is a chrome application on the text then the flames are added in with an other part of the plugin. I think I paid $40 for the plugin on sale one day and I get a LOT of use out of it. There is a newer version but I am not paying $80 for it.


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