Big Chicken Boob or Turkey Mislabelled?

 First it was a 2.2lb frozen lump of Chicken.
 Then it was 2.2lbs of thawed out chicken lumped in a bowl.
Then it was 5 Quarts of chicken and bean soup.

Strange thing is it tasted like turkey. Now there is a reason I don't eat turkey. I don't like it and in the last 15 years or so it has started to give me a headache when I eat it. Sadly that included that over the top awesome turkey club I reviewed the other day. Anyways not I got this headache and 3 more lumps of flesh this side to consume before Thursday and it's Saturday. If the next batch gives me a headache and tastes like turkey all the meat is a right off. The box said it was chicken but I am sure at least this piece is NOT chicken. Not to mention these big ones also have a LOT of waste in them it seems. I had to cut out a bit from it then in this bowl full alone, I spit out 4 uneatable bits of whatever it was. I guess it's beans and veggies only for the rest of the week if this is NOT chicken.


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