Two Days In The Life

 So went for breakfast. It's $8 for 2 eggs, 3 slices of bacon, A pile of hash-browns and 2 slices of toast. This includes the coffee. It's literally the best deal in town for what you get. The only closest one is $1 more. Only at Carol's Catering and Cafe.
 Come out and realise this fellow has parked so close I can't get in the truck so my friend has to pull it ahead so I can get in. See a normal sized person might be able to get in there, but I'm over 420lbs. So I am BIG and I need a lot of room to get in. Also no handicap validation on the car in a handicap spot. Come on people being stupid or an asshole is not a handicap...
 Looked in my mail box and here was my EndoScope. Dang this is a fun toy and I have an app for it as well on the phone. It hooks to the phone or the PC. But on the PC you get 30 fps out of it and only 5 fps on the phone. Still it works well enough and has a magnet and a hook for it to fish your ring out of the drain. Also a mirror for looking close at pipe walls and what not. It was $19 shipped and I was worried it would not get to me before I moved - so I was happy.
 So next day rolls around I wake up take a pee and open the blinds, just after I start to make coffee this appears in the window. They are re-caulking the windows. They where not hard to look at all be it way too young for me, and more than likely way to straight as well. But hay it was a topic for my vlog that day.
Eat processed meat in the form of a sub and ended up with a flair from hell (Fibromyalgia). So I lay on the bed and held onto my Pusheen kitten for hours while I was in pain. I also played on Facebook on the phone every 20 minutes or so. Then I put Pusheen back in her spot and watched YouTube videos for a while then fell asleep. THUMP on my chest goes the phone and I wake up. I realise it's time to sleep, so on goes some IcyHot on my neck and I went to sleep. Pusheen always helps when I'm in pain. It was a mild but annoying flair.


  1. I don't think even I could have gotten in the car in that tight space. As for the window washers, at least you had a nice view, for a change. Now for Pusheen, that is a great companion you have there, Pusheens for the world, I say!


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