Fing Rant About How People Treat The Disabled (BAD WORDS - LOTS OF THEM)

I love seeing how people will comment "guess you will have to get a real job" on a video posted by a person with a degenerative bone disorder that is literally going to cripple him one of these day. A person who has anxiety so bad that he can't FUCKING shop for himself. But yes, I am sure he can just go out there and get a job.

Reminds me of an Ex-Friend who though I could work some fucking how. After all, I literally FUCKING passed out today after sitting at the computer for 2 hours, so it should be easy for me to do a real job right? BTW after 20 min of NOT laying down I start to be in a lot of pain. Pain that is at a level that most people would go to the hospital and beg for drugs. This is my life 24/7/365 - but ya know - I could do something. Sigh. It's literally a good day when I can get the FUCKING mail.

Sigh. People just love to tell the disabled they should be working in this society. Yes, there are people out there who are scamming the shit out of the system, but the majority of disabled people are just trying to hang in there. They literally can't work. What part of this is too hard to understand? How fucking stupid and brain washed by the political right that wants to push all the poor off the edge of the world can you fucking be?

People are actually killing themselves because of the pain they are in. They had enough and ended it. They are also killing themselves because they don't get enough money to live and are stuck in an aria where it's over the top expensive to live. But you know - they all make so much money that it's "better than actually working at a $15 an hour job" as one cunt flap put it. The same cunt flap said that his brother on disability gets a new car every year and he works 3 jobs and can't afford a used car. Right asshole, you live in FUCKING REGINA - I know exactly how much fucking money he gets because I have the fucking manuals. I know how much they give people. Most of them can't even afford gas money. Dick for brains.

But NO... We can all just get some kind of job. Well tell me, unless I do FUCKING porn cam videos in my FUCKING bed, how do I actually work? I can't sit in a chair for more than an hour without the risk of passing out. The same ass head ex-friend who went off on how I should be able to work SAW me pass the fuck out in his truck from the pain. Sigh... But what the fuck do I expect from a person who thinks when you blow your knee out and have to spend the next 8 months in PAIN every time you go to the can is not worth going to the ER over. Sigh. The same person that when he had a big of a back problem went to the ER and to the doctor and to the chiropractor to get it fixed. Oh and asked for DRUGS for the pain. Yet when it's someone else's pain, it does not seem to be real. Ya know - like every other fuck-per-rains on the planet. Sigh.

I got this idea, how about we put a cap on what all these overpaid under-worked union people make. Ever seen a person working for a government road cue work 1/10 as hard as some immigrant worker in a field? No you haven't! Yet for some reason that new to the country person is blamed for all the bad things in the economy. Here is a fucking clue, the people that fucked it all up for us - make a shit pile of money running companies that tell you how to think and what to fucking buy. They also run the fucking country like it was their own personal milk cow - BUT unlike a hard working farmer, they don't just milk it, they FUCK IT.

Well I just ran out of the ability to sit here and type - so I'ma post thing and lay the fuck down because - unlike some whiny bitch who needs drugs every time he gets a tooth filled - I don't got no pain meds and I don't want no pain meds. I man the fuck up and live my life anyway. The best thing is, I do more for people in one day than most of these dick-brained ass-tards do in a lifetime. Oh well. I literally am greying out so - off I go....


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