Best Semi Parking Ever

So Mr. Truck Driver decides to pull off the road and go in to eat something. Mind you, literally next to the front of his truck is is entry to a big ass empty place to part his truck. The business there has been closed for some time and I am sure no one will mind. The road he is parked on has no shoulder so he is actually blocking a lane of traffic. Not to mention that he is also blocking anyone from exiting the restaurant in a safe manner. We literally had to pull out to the point we could have been hit by traffic coming the other way. BTW most of the traffic on this road is thinks like you see parked here, so getting hit would more than likely end up. There are 2 large truck stops down the way BTW where he could have pulled in for a bite to eat, but NOPE had to be right here. Is it just me or do other people think that this fellow should literally not be driving this thing? Sigh.


  1. There is another fellow that keeps going there every day of his life. He parks in front of the doors every time. BTW it's not legal to do that in Saskatchewan then he comes in, sits there having coffee for hours and talking at the top of his voice the entire time. You literally have to almost yell to get heard over this Lout. If I shoot anyone in the foot it's going to be that one...


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