Why me?

Why me?

Can this have an answer that will fit what the person is feeling and thinking at the time? All answers from others will only be a projection of themselves on the situation or a criticism of the situation that is unjust. To answer it for yourself, you have to remove yourself from the situation long enough to do so and most people can't do that. But if you do, it will not fix the situation and then you are left with the question of how to fix it or can it be fixed and so on and so on. Honestly when I think of this question in respect to my own life, I am reminded of my Dad (a wise and rental man) who said "because nothing is fare and the unexpected happens to the good and the bad people". This is a great answer of course, but it is not the consolation that people are looking for in this situation. Still it changed my perspective on it and gave me a new tool in life to go past a situation that is our of my control. For others I think there can be no answer as none will do. To others still there can be many answers or none needed. The best my one friend can come up with is "why not you"? this is a reflection of how everyone has a chance at any moment of it all going to hell. It happens and you can get past this moment and push on or let it destroy you. There can be no answer for you, but for me I think I have one.

Sorry for the lack of paragraphs and so on. This really is not my strongest skill set.


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