Think Before You Drink And Drive

This was out front of my building the other night. It seems the person in the blue truck was driving drunk and travelling at a high rate of speed. He came around the corned of 1st NW and Fairford St West and jumped the raised median. He then went head on into the silver truck and caused a 6 car chain reaction. 5 of the vehicles where towed away as they where damaged so badly the police did not want then to be driven. All of the owners of the parked cars where attending a Dolly Parton concert at Mosaic Place here in Moose Jaw. I was unable to stay standing long enough for the people to come out of the stadium but I am sure they where in sock over losing such a valuable possession that they worked very hard to obtain. One stated for the local news paper that she felt very violated (From the Times Herald). I know first hand how an addiction to drinking can destroy lives. I saw my brother turn from a fit and able man with a family into a person who ended up alone in a care home unable to take care of himself. He lost it all, his jobs, his family and his mobility and ability to care for himself. I have known people who have had a family member taken from them by a crash and witnessed the pain that will never leave them destroy them. To anyone who thinking that drinking and driving is no big deal, you are with no doubt in my mind a fool. I have even heard people say "I drive better drunk because I am more careful". The folly of that statement can not be imparted on them. They honestly believe it. I can only think God that no one was hurt badly or killed in this indecent. Please if you have to drink (and I do drink) think before you crab the keys. Think of your life and the lives of others.


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