Society Has Lost It's Way

I find it ridiculous that white male privilege is trying to re-assert it's self. We have demonised the poor for being poor and a "drain on tax money", when in reality the vast majority of tax money goes to keeping the rich rich and the war machine going endlessly. We have demonised women for their sex and if "they get themselves raped" it is some how their fault and not the fault of some sick twat male. We have demonised the black people and the natives for wanting a better life for their kids and a safer culture to live in. We have demonised people who are not Christian as being evil and trying to destroy our society. We have demonised those who dare come to our country to have a better and safe life as taking our jobs, committing most crimes and sucking tax money for welfare (yes taking our job and our tax money at the same time - sigh). The folly that rich white people with privilege have started most of this shit and they have the poor thinking it's to their benefit to give money to corporations is absurd. Some how we think that if social programs where to be improved instead of slashed, that the average person in poverty is better off. How did we become such fools? How did we let this happen? We have taken 100 years of change for the better and set the clock back 60 years. Now among the race riots and the cry of the poor for basic standards of living we have the majority of people saying that we need to protect industry and no mention of the human cast. We have very much lost our way.


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