Thinking About RV Life And Winning The Lotto

So we come out of the truck stop and here is this think getting diesel. Now every time we see something like this a friend would say "that's not camping". Well, no it's not. The idea here is it's your home. You travel from RV park to RV park and enjoy being all over the place and never have to pay $180 or more a night to stay in a hotel some place. You have all you need and can stay up to 3am watching movies and no one calls the front desk to have you bitched out by the night manger. It really is not the life for me. I am too sick to travel now. So if I did have piles of money at hand, I would spend it on a better computer, faster internet and a LOT more cable TV - not to mention a much bigger TV. But I have met more than a few people who do the RV living when I used to live close to an RV park and for the most part, they are older folks who just want to enjoy the life of drifting around while they can. Some say it's stupid as hell to live like this, but some would say it's stupid as hell to own a house and a BIG TV with lots of Cable. The fact is we are all different and no matter what you want out of life, as long as you are not harming others - GO FOR IT all the way. My cleaner friend would LOVE to spend the rest of his life travelling. I on the other hand can count on one hand places I still want to go and see.

BTW the lotto is $60,000,000 tomorrow and I gots a ticket. Ya know, if I won I don't think I would say anything to my online peeps. I would just get a house and the things I want and move in and see how long it takes them to realise I am NOT in an apartment any more. Then again I think if I was the only winner at least half of the money would go to good causes and helping out friends. The rest would go to get the things I want and I would live off the interest - very well off the interest I might add. When I died, my friends (who I guarantee will out live me) will get more money and the rest to more good causes. BTW thinking that the stuff I want will be 2 mill and the 28 mill invested at prime rate right now is $764,000 a year. Even if the taxes on the interest where 50% it's a crap load more than I need.


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