So You Can't Cheat The Like Count Anymore?

So I read on a blog post that YouTube now will no longer let you like your own video with multiple accounts. It seems they record the IP and even if it's not actually you, but your wife's account or your kids, it does not count them in the thumbs up count. Further to that, they also said that it's still possible to dislike a video with a bunch of accounts or a vote bot and they count. The obvious risk of using a vote bot being getting a virus aside, who in their right mind wants to do this? Well I guess if you take YouTube as a competition, then it's the thing you want to do.

Any long term user of YouTube has a story of seeing a video with twice as many likes as views. Seems they started to take away invalid views well before they took away invalid likes. But then they left the dislikes to be racked up by some random person who takes a hate on for you, your content or the colour of your shirt? I decided to test it.

A little back history, I have 8 accounts on YouTube - one I literally made by mistake so ya know... Yes I actually clicked the wrong thing and POOF it spawned an account. Sigh... That being said, I used to collect user names. At one time I literally had over 40 accounts. Most of them I closed or gave to others who liked the user name. The ones left are ones I have had for some time and they are related to some other site that I use or used to use and I wanted the user name. Kind of irreverent now that anyone can call themselves anything they want... But - I kept them. Now on with it.

So I made a video, posted it as unlisted (don't want to mess with a public one) and gave it a go. I liked it with the original channel (MJART66) and it stuck (it always does - you can like your own video and I'll explain why you want to later). Then I hit it with the other 7 accounts. The like showed up in that account, but on my phone the like count was still at 1. I thought "maybe it takes a while to populate". NOPE. I left it over night and it was still 1. Yet in every account it still showed up that I liked it.

Now I removed the video then posted another. Disliked it with all 8 accounts. Sure enough, the dislike count was 8. So I thought, it will go to 1 after a while. Two days later it was still at 8.

Now I thought of everything - I even went to the bother of watching the video 7 extra times all the way threw and took at least 15 minutes between switching accounts and watched a couple of videos after mine with each account. The results where the same.

This is interesting because the person I read this off of said that his likes showed up then the next day where gone. Mine never did show up. I can think 2 things for our differing results. First the YouTube Studio App has some kind of bug where the stats don't update right for some time or in the time between him and me doing this, YouTube changed how they did things.

Being that right now my Subscription inbox is TOAST yet again, It's more than likely the latter. Oh and others have a WORKING inbox. Sigh. Tell me how this works. People with the same kind of setup (PC user and using chrome) and some get the bug and others don't... That literally don't make sense to me. But it don't make sense to me that some people with Windows 10 can't get on the internet even AFTER the anniversary update. Sigh... In any event, this is just mind candy and me wanting to make a blog post, just for the hell of it.

Oh and if you try it, tell me if you get a different result than I did will ya? Would be a LOL if some people can still cheat and other can't.

Ops, almost forgot... Why like your own video? It saves time. Instead of sharing to all your social media one at a time - you can link the "like" to share on social media accounts. Then with one click - poof it's on your Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and a couple of others I don't tend to use. It comes down to the fact I'm unable to remember to share to them all and I can remember to like. In fact I like 99% of the videos I watch out of habit.

Anyway - Happy YouTubing and have a pleasant and productive day - Dave :)


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