Web 101 - INFECTED

Want to mess up the computers of a business or just install a backdoor into their system? Put a virus on a thumb drive (you can make it execute by pretending it’s a driver - it's not hard) then toss a few of them beside random parking spaces of low level workers who have access to computers - before work of course, if you do it during work - they take it home and plug it in... Yes, it's that freaking easy. People don't think. If you know it's a male employee put "nasty porn" on the drive with a marker. BTW men are actually way more likely to plug them in. Even if they have been told not to do it, some of them will do it. If you code it right, they will literally never know it happened. This is the beauty of a custom coded virus - most of the time they get threw security.

To just be a dick leave them at Starbucks or a coffee shop where people use Wi-Fi.

For just a good random virus launch pad, set up a “game site”. Make sure to use HTML 5 for the silly games. Makes sure they actually do play like a game and make sure to put adverts on the page and between levels. People expect the ads. Most browsers don’t really like flash anymore and antivirus scans the hell out of flash – so HTML5. Now here is the opposite of the men and the thumb drives. Women are more likely to click a link some place to play a game or get fake news. Not only are games a good in, but the ads on a fake news site are a great launch point. This is why I do NOT click them there click traps no matter how much I like the title or photo.

If you set up the funding right from out of country sources and what not – you can (if you do it right) use places like Facebook to push the pages you set up. After all FB will let threw promoted content that is obviously a scam. I am talking to the point I see at least one scam a day, every day on there. Make sure to target females with these click traps. If you really want the men, use fake tech stories to get them to click. Men love toys. The other big one is “coupon sites”. Online coupon sites are big right now and hell it’s an easy in as everyone wants to save money.

Free porn is a given. Jpg exploits don’t really work on a PC any more – most antivirus can get around it, but the android OS is rather easy to get into with an image or a video clip – the video is the best idea. Embed the code in it and as soon as they click that puppy poof you are in. Their banking information is now being logged and sent to you threw a secure network in the Baltic. Hell any fake video on a web page is an easy in for a “smart phone”.

So, why did I write this? To try and get you to stop clicking every random link you see on social media and to not be dumb enough to puck things off the ground and plug them in. As well stay the hell away from “free thumb drive with every purchase” or “this waterproof flash drive for just a penny”. That last one is great though – I mean you get people to PAY shipping to install a virus on their system. Sigh. Just think a little. For every virus your scanner can stop there are 100 it does not even know exists. To even be aware of the threat to be able to stop it, a large number of people need to have been infected in the first place. And DON’T download “free versions” of programs and apps that are NOT from a credible site. Just think people.


  1. You are under arrest you have the right to remain silent everything you blog can and will be used against you in the court of Princess...


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