Build Your Future Wisely

When you try to show you are better than another, you show that you are not. When you try to show how much you know, you show how little you know. When you act in anger you only prove you are not worthy. We are all human and we are all worthy of the same respect unless we prove otherwise. To judge is to be judged. So seek power is to fall with no mercy.

What we do in this life forever effects the next. If you do not believe, it is your folly. We are eternal and if you seek power and wealth and glory in this life with no respect for others, then you will spend time without end alone with your own thoughts to torment you.

Life is a test and what you do counts. All that you do counts. Whether it be for a reward or for your doom is up to you. We have been shown love and mercy and if we do not give them we do not deserve them in the afterlife. What is here is but a moment in time but the hereafter is ever lasting. Build your future wisely.


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