Global Warming We Don't Seem To Get It

We are literally ignoring the eventual destruction of several low lying countries like Bangladesh due to the melting of the ice shields. It is so sad to see this happening and NOTHING but token gestures on paper are being done. But to save the world we need to get everyone on line with this - that means Asia as well and they don't seem to be interested. Locally where I live most of the power is generated by natural gas - this is cleaner but not perfect. Most of it in China for example are coal fired plants and that is the worst. If we keep this up fishing with be cut way back as species die off. As well average air temps are slowly rising as well. If we get to a certain point then some plants we like - like coffee won't grow in the places it does now, thus devastating their economy. The sad reality is that it could happen in less than 100 years that most of the world will no longer be able to grow enough food for it's people. There will also be almost no oil left then and if we don't get away from using it, there will literally be wars on a global scale over resources. Hell, lets not lie, we have gone to war over oil already. We are turning the planet into a place where humanity won't be able to live soon. a century of so and we are finished unless we change a LOT of things. Life will go one, it always does - but we are too delicate to survive this. If we do it will not be anything close to what we know now as life and there will be billions less of us.


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