540 ml Can Dark Red Kidney Beans
540 ml Can Fava Beans
540 ml Can Romano Beans
540 ml Can Navy Beans
796 ml Can Sliced Stewed Tomatoes
796 ml Can Crushed Tomatoes
Greek Seasoning Mix to taste

Mix the beans and the tomatoes and spice in a slow cooker. Cover with 4 cups of mixed frozen veggies (on top, do not mix yet). Cook on high for 2 hours. Mix in the veggies and portion out in containers. For me this gives me 6 meals. On the odd occasion I toss in some hot sauce as well. Next month I'm switching to taco seasoning. I am using a 7.1 quart cooker. It comes out slightly watery, but I don't mind. You can thicken it up with Tomato paste or by using only crushed tomatoes.


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