So had like $30 left on the credit card and it was only the 9th. Also $0 in the bank. Been living on the credit card for many months now. It seems once I maxed it out I was fucked. Now every time I get it half paid off, some crap happens that I need to spend money. To be honest I been a little bit stupid getting things like pizza or whiskey to to get into on the weekends, so that does not help. Could save $100 a month but not doing that, but when the hell do I enjoy life? Not like I can go for coffee now is it? Sigh.

Anyways I decided to spend $20 of it on pizza (yeah I know - last thing I need). So I ordered the following:
14" Hand Tossed, Pineapple, Brooklyn Pepperoni, Pizza Sauce, Extra Cheese
1 2 Litre Root Beer
2 Cheddar Habanero Dip Cup

I also ended up picking up some generic pain meds from the store. Got not one clue where I put the half full bottle of them I had in the kitchen. So now I have $4.73 on the card that can be used - so like 4 bags of discount chips at the Rexall and I'm done for.

When I pay it off on payday, I'll be $5 to the good only. Not impressive. I also have a couple things lined up to order as I seem to need them now that I've gone to dried beans instead of canned ones. That being a large mixing bowl and a strainer. My old bowl is plastic and TOAST - it's literally flaking and needs to be tossed out. The strainer is starting to get weird looking and is also a plastic pile of junk. They are both very old now and will be replaced with metal ones.

I'm going to make an effort to fuck off with the pizza and whiskey next few months. I need to drop about 45 lbs to get down to what I was before my will power went to hell and I gained some of the weight back that I lost. If I stick to the beans and veggies I'll still be getting all the requirements my body needs and NOT be overdoing it with calories. After all that pizza alone is more than 1 day worth of calories on it's own.

Anyways, if you want to be generous and can afford it, there is a donation link in my links section. Also my Amazon Wish list is over there is you have spare money to get the 2 things I need next month. I honestly don't expect people to, but right now I'm not too proud to beg a little. I'm in the hole big time and it's going to be a LONG time to dig myself out. But I'm trying to stay on play from now on.

P.S. My art page link has all kinds of free high resolution images to download and enjoy however you like. Be well and I hope you can be happy for at least today. Hugs and love.


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