So the AI that scans every bit of content we post is not that good it seems. Today it thought I was in need of a fundraiser. I quickly realized what triggered it. The problem is it can have all kinds of false auto flags. A friend defended gay people in a comment and got a warning for "hate speech" even though to a grade 4 student it would be obvious he was doing the opposite of hate speech. Personally I got a warning not to post "sexual content" when I posted a photo of a man holding a small dog. The man had all his clothing on, so I have not one clue what it thought was in the image. The dog did not at all look like a penis for example. The last while, several people I know got marked as "spam" when they posted a video link from YouTube. One was a cat video and the other a music video. Who in the world knows why? It seems some people can post 45 links an hour and have no issue and others it screams SPAM with just one share. Personally I got hit with the SPAM crap when I shared a post that Facebook had recommended to me. So... if it's spam, why the fuck is the original post not taken down as spam and why the fuck are you recommending it to me? For that matter ads run wild on Facebook. It seems there is no filtering at all of the ads. I've seen a great deal of obvious scams and as soon as they get flagged by people they just make a new account and post the exact same content again and again. I've also seen full on pornographic advertising on Facebook and if it thinks a dog is porn, how the HELL is it not auto flagging a picture of a sex machine going to work on a naked woman? Yup AI I don't think is the term here at all, more like LI (low intelligence).


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