On your Samsung phone it's easy to find. Swipe down on the home screen twice to show all options. I found mine on page 2 of the tools and moved it to the quick list to use more easily. It's been said to be hard to find on phones other than the Samsung and LG devices so you may have to look up where to find it and/or have to make a shortcut on your launch screen.

It will record the entire screen so try not to have information that is private showing when you record. There is the option to have no sound, device sound and device and mic sounds. It seems to have done a good job when I recorded the launch screen scrolling and playing a simple game.

Using an app from the app store can be a task to find out if the creator was above board or looking to poach personal info and passwords. One I wanted to try a couple years ago wanted root access and that just never a good idea and just not needed.


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