How many essential workers in your household?
Best form of entertainment?
Something new you’re doing?
Last place you ventured to?
What are you wearing?
Something you still can’t find?
Latest take out food?
Last meal you cooked?
First thing you’ll do when quarantine is over?
Sleeping more or sleeping less?
Eating more or eating less?
Exercising more or exercising less?
Cooking more or cooking less?
Cleaning more or cleaning less?
Sleeping later or sleeping earlier?
Weight loss or weight gain?
Watching more news or watching less?
More Tv or less Tv?
More social media or less social media?
More Texting or less?
More phone calls or less phone calls?
Fan of FaceTime?
Drive up? Delivery? In store shopping?
Stores used more?
More energetic or less energetic?
New hobbies?
Any visitors since quarantine?
What do you miss the most before quarantine?
Using one word that starts with the letter of your first name, how do you think your government/state has handled this pandemic?


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