Week 18
+2.0 lbs, 390.0 lbs (177.2 kg)

Week 19
+6.2 lbs, 397.0 lbs (180.1 kg)

Week 20
-2.0 lbs, 395.0 lbs (179.1 kg)

Week 21
-3.0 lbs, 392.0 lbs (177.8 kg)

Not done that great the last 4 weeks and I've been remiss in reporting it I see. I thought I had kept up on here, but I last posted Week 17, so here are the weeks 18 to 21 to get up to date.

Week 19 I had an issue with eating junk food and spent most of the week doing just that.

Week 21 on Monday I was down 5 lbs so I seem to have put 2 lbs back on since then. I know I should not weigh on days other than my selected weekly day, but I did. I am puffed up a bit so could be water weight, however I had ice cream on Monday as well.


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