Well this has been happening on 3 different phones (2 different brands) and 3 different versions of Android. So I think it's the freaking OneDrive app. Being this has been happening for YEARS, it makes me wonder about them. Not one other app does this - it just shows the photos. The photos are NOT corrupted as well. If you exit the app and load it again it may or may not work - but most times works the 2nd time. The other thing is, it will eventually just up and STOP working. You will delete files and they still show up - you will upload files and they don't show up. You have to go to settings then to OneDrive then to Storage and clear the app data. If you don't have OneDrive linked in your phones settings you will have to log in again and verify the login again. It's a living pain in the ass. However i'm not paying extra for some cloud service when I'm paying for Office subscription that gives me 1TB of cloud. I won't mention it should be 5TB, but whatever. The ad-on prices are stupidly high for what you get so just not adding on extra storage. To be honest I have a shit pile of stuff stored in there and I only have about 134GB of it used after many years. Unless you are tossing crap piles of video there, you should be fine for life. I have 45,000 files on there and I'm not maxed out or even close. So... Anyway, yeah I wish to GOD they would fix their shit.


  1. Microsoft is busy trying to fix Windows lol

    1. Yup go see the post about having to reinstall to fix it. Sigh.


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