So the "undiscovered feed" is now gone. It's the only one I liked for browsing. I can see why traffic for small names like myself and others I watch is down - no one knows we exist now. With the undiscovered feed we at least popped up at random now and then. Must be a total tick off for people who are trying to make an extra $5 a month by selling stuff.

I use the app on my phone to check comments and my watch list. It's hard for me to sit at the computer for long and I can use the app in bed if needed. Now it seems that it's NOT showing the notifications in the app now. Not to mention I'm getting the same notifications 2 or 3 times after deleting them in the browser version.

Speaking of the app, I set my landing to "Recommended for You", and it's NOT going it in the app, just on the browser. BUT they did fix the massive bug that logged you out every 10 seconds, so that's a bonus.

I've also noticed when I fire up the PC and upload stuff the categories have vanished from my upload page - what the hell is with that? Now how the hell do people find it at all? I'm not to worried really as I'm not trying to sell anything, but dang - that is just one big bug or a very stupid planned move. Also I honestly don't want to mess with "tags" every time I upload something.

Well time to make a podcast and bitch about my City Council now. Sigh... I have a good reason to do this... but that's a different story.

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