So in the long while I've had my new computer I've not signed into EBay on it with the browser. I've been using the app on my phone or tablet. Today I go to sign in, and it's not letting me do it.

First it tries to send a verification to my device and the phone is literally doing nothing at all. It's just sitting there, no verification popping up. It worked before in Chrome, so I got no idea.

So I hit the problem logging in thing. It sends me an email link. I click it and a second tap pops up telling me "success". WRONG. I click the EBay logo to go shop - POOF it asks me to log in, and we go back to step one.

It's literally not allowing me to sign in. What ever the hell the verification is on my phone, it's not doing it at all. I even fired up the app and looked around - nothing in there saying anything and no verification request on the phone at all. SO - I guess it's the app or nothing.

This being said they are soon to STOP using PayPal so I'm not going to be using them for long anyway. They been hacked so many times I do NOT want to give them a credit card number. Just not happening.

So I think I'm about to remove it from my devices and say "fuck it" and never use them again.

The other thing is, It's no longer a deal to use them really. The only stuff that is less money is low quality crap from China. I'm trying to get reaper powder and it's just not showing me a single Canadian source - the mail from other lands won't get here, so Australia is not going to work.

The sad thing is, there seems to be sweat F.A. on Amazon for actual reaper powder. The stuff I got last time was from Ontario and I got 2.5 OZ of it for about $10. Amazon wants a fortune for 1 OZ of it. So will be looking on some of the chili sites. May not be able to get any.

There is a reaper sauce I just got but it's not nearly as spicy as the pure powder. Oh well it may have to do - will talk to my friend about it.

But yeah, I'm freaking done with EBay. I hope I can close my account on the app.

Putting a man on the moon is less of a pain in the ass than closing an EBay account. WOW. You should not have to tell it 4 times that "yes I want to close my account". Holly shit. Give me an "are you sure" one time then close the freaking account. Man took like 12 minutes in total to do this.


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