Well I looked it up and it broke my heart. It's called "The Doll Experiment". It was preformed several times over the years. Black children are faced with 2 dolls, one white and one black. They are asked what doll is beautiful. Almost all the children said the white doll because it was white. When asked what doll is the bad doll they pointed at the black doll.

You can see the reflection of internal thinking. These poor children think they are not beautiful and are some how bad simply because of the color of their skin. It is obviously a reflection of fundamental social pressures. The media never showing black people in a positive light and always showing white people as the good guy.

It is outright unacceptable to me that this can happen. That a child does not like it's self because they are not white. There are no versions of the experiment in the last decade that I could find, so I'm hoping things have changed for the better as in regard to the self perception of black children.

If you don't see society as a hole failing these children you literally can't understand the relevance of this. This world of ours needs to change and I mean now. Now child she think they are bad when they have done nothing wrong. No child should think they are not beautiful because of the color of their skin. They should think they are just as special and just as beautiful and important as any other child.

I knew that racism was deep rooted in the system but good god this showed me just how bad it is. Again, this is not acceptable, it must change.


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