1 Something you really bad at?
2 Celebrity I would have sex with?
3 Best first date?
4 Do you have good self-esteem?
5 How long have you known your best friend?
6 Favorite book?
7 Biggest turn offs?
8 Description of your best friend.
9 Favorite animal?
10 Someone I miss?
11 Reason behind your last breakup?
12 What did you do yesterday?
13 Greatest accomplishment?
14 Description of who you like dislike the most.
15 Favorite songs?
16 How your last kiss went down?
17 What you find attractive in your preferred partner?
18 Pets?
19 Favorite ice cream flavor?
20 Where you want to be right now?
21 Worst thing someone said to you?
22 Places you’ve lived?
23 Best reason to fall in love?
24 Your future plans?
25 What you are doing tomorrow?
26 What you wanted to be when you grew up?
27 Most embarrassing moment?
28 Two insecurities?
29 If you won the lotto what would you do first?
30 Describe your crush.
31 Favorite thing about yourself?
32 Pet peeves?
33 Bands you have seen live?
34 Do/did you want kids?
35 Your perfect date?
36 What you are really good at?
37 Most traumatic experience?
38 Where you would like to live?
39 Nicest thing said to you?
40 Do you like where you are now?
41 Something you can hear right now?
42 Relationship with siblings?
43 Biggest worry?
44 Something you are waiting for?
45 Relationship with parents?
46 Something you should have done a long time ago?
47 Last text message received?
48 What you hate most about yourself?
49 Biggest turn ons?
50 Words that upset you?
51 What you hated/hate most about school?
52 What you like to wear?
53 Last thing you ate?
54 Last thing you drank?
55 Fastest you’ve traveled on land?
56 Farthest you’ve been from home?
57 Ever been questioned by the cops?
58 How many speeding tickets have you received?
59 Last time you flew in a plain?
60 How many countries have you been to?


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