10 Reasons Being a White Male is Awesome (humor)

* First off, this is meant as humor. *

10 reasons being a white male is awesome:

10 I can go to the animal shelter and buy 5 dogs at a time and they won't think I'm running pit fights.
9 No one wants to build a wall to keep me out.
8 More likely to get a discount on my insurance.
7 I can ask an old lady what time it is without her screaming.
6 If I show up at the bank with $5000 in $20 bills, they won't call the cops and dime me out as a drug dealer.
5 Easy to get a job.
4 If I commit a crime, I'll get little to know jail time.
3 Quite unlikely to get stopped by the cops.
2 No one fallows me around the store looking to see if I'll take something.
1 White Male Privilege.

BTW don't give me no shit that #1 don't exist, I've seen it with my own eyes far too may times.


  1. Well the big stack of $20 Bill's would get you called in I'm sure, but the rest I'm kind of sure are true.

  2. Lol I'm old and kinda white but l really consider myself a mutt lol, l wish l had a stack of 20 dollar bills


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