In home cancer screening kit. It's for colon cancer. Won't go into the details, but this is how we do it in Saskatchewan, you take the sample yourself and mail it to them. Now it will be 3 days till it goes in the mail and it says time sensitive; I'm hoping it will be OK to wait that long. I really should have done it tomorrow and mailed it that same day. Oh well. If it's not correct, I'll get another one sooner or later in the mail. They tend to send them out once a year. It is of course covered under our tax funded medical system.

Tomorrow I see a specialist about the hernias I have. He will tell me if it needs an operation or not. I'm going to ask for a prescription for a binder that goes around my belly. There is a good chance it will be covered by supplemental health that way. I'll drop off the scrip at the medical supply shop after I am done and have them call me to see what is going on. I need the largest one they make and it will only just fit. If this was 4 years ago when I was 500 lbs I'd be out of luck.

I also have to eventually see my doctor. This bad tattoo is acting up again. There are not fluid filled red lumps on the skin. I am rather sure my body is rejecting the white ink as well - there seems to be less and less of it as the weeks go past. As well it seems to be flaking off a lot of dead skin and just won't stop doing it. I'm rather sure the infection has not returned though - just some other strange happening.


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