I'm sitting here thinking "I really don't want to do laundry". It's not what you think though. I'm not just unwilling to go do it.

You see, I like things to be the same most of the time. I almost always get 2 cans of Coke out of the machine and sit and wait for my wash to be done. At the same time I watch YouTube.

See the thing is, I only have $11 in the bank and I can't go to the ATM down the block and get out a $20. So I can't get change for the machine. The only alternative is to get a 2L pop at the store and that is too much Coke. So my system is messed up and now I want to delay it.

Here is the thing, it's 7 days till I get paid and although I won't run out of clothing by then, I'll have to do 2 loads and what a bother that is. So yes, I'm pissy that I can't have 2 cans of over priced Coke out of the machine when I do the washing.

This is what happens to you when you get old kids... It also shows I have way too much time on my hand that I'm actually typing this into my blog to share with people.


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