So 6 years (2013) ago I got this recliner. At the time it was on sale for half price ($600) and I was like "I want that". It felt ok to sit in and was a vibrating kind. Well all I can say is it did not stand up.

6 years later (2019) here I am and it's seat and back springs have sagged to much I need to put a pillow on the back so the bottom rail of the back of it won't cut into my spine as I sit on it. I would expect this of a 20 year old product, but not a 6 year old one.

I found a page with a bunch of other people who are kind of sorry they got one. See the company is not toast. People can't get repairs done to the defective products and so on. Speaking of broken it stopped working as a vibrating chair 2 years ago. It's now just a $600 reminder that I should have got the sofa I was looking for instead.

Now I have nothing left of the money that got me this and a new bed. There was very little money left over when Mom died and it was not long lived as savings.

I won't mention the $800 computer that dropped dead in 5 years as well. All I can say is I did NOT get my money worth and either item.

So I don't know what I'm going to do when this thing finally dies. I don't really have room for a sofa and even used chairs seem to be well out of my price range. I am on an income that does not readily allow me to save much or any money.

I remember being a young kid and Mom and Dad getting a living room set. Well cut to 40+ years later and I sold that to a friend and they are still working fine. Things are literally not made as well these days on average.

So somehow I need to save a small fortune to get a replacement for this dang thing when it finally dies on me. I don't have anything else to use in it's place. See no one comes over so I never bothered to get more than 1 place to sit when I did have the money.

Oh well, this is just how life goes some times. Seems it's how my entire life has gone to date actually. It's rare that I am able to get something that does not die too soon or is of great quality. But then again, most of my adult life I have been rather low income. Being on disability does not help - the money stays the same and everything gets more expensive. Sigh.


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