Well believe it or not, it's no longer infected. Not a clue by me or my doctor why it's freaking purple though.

If I touch it, it's fine and the pain is gone, but if I rub it, it hurts a little - God help me if I scratch it though.

It is itchy in cycles it seems. For a while it will be fine then itchy as hell for a bit.

Honestly there is a thing called ink rejection, and I think this is what is happening. My skin does not like the white ink used for the grey part and it's giving me an immune response about it. Slowly more of the grey is coming out BTW.

It's a shame the pizza in the middle is slightly damages as well as some of the outline. If it just had the grey vanish I'd not be that unhappy, but it's going to not even have a full outline when it's done messing with me.

That being said, I read this can go on for like 20 years, so it may never stop looking strange and being itchy. It looks like a burn kind of right now.

I find it interesting that where the ink has obviously come out, it's still acting up. I would have thought it would settle down in those spots. There must be something left behind in the skin that is not obvious to the naked eye.

I really do want to get my ears pierced, but at this moment in time, I'm wondering if that will turn into months of hell trying to fight an infection as well - so the hell with it.

The part I feel the worst about is I wasted $180 on this. That could have had me a nice bottle of good whiskey instead. In hind-site, a bottle of premium booze would have been a lot better for me in the long run.


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