First off, as long as I get to go for coffee Thursday and Saturday, my life is good. So this is not as bad as it looks. The other thing is, I have more than a months worth of food in the kitchen and coffee for the month to drink. As well, all the bills are paid and the only outstanding amounts not taken out yet are shown above and they are accounted for - so no in the hole this month.

See what happened here is, (A) I went party crazy with friends and by my self over the holidays and went $98 on my overdraft. This was a planned event and I was willing to be short this month. (B) I was sent a gift of a Tablet and it had Taxes owing on it as it came from the USA - so there went $33.27 I was not expecting. (C) My crock pot died. I had it on for 2 hours and went to get the food out and it was not even warm - it was room temperature. So I had to replace the crock pot.

This is why I am never ahead - things happen literally every month to make me spend money on things. Last month it was $50 on medication that was not covered. The month before that it was something else and so on. So there is ALWAYS something and you can't plan on them because you don't know how much it will be.

Now for the bright side, I had decided that I was only going to order Pizza once this month and I did that with the $30 I got from selling my old tablet to a friend so he has something to play games on. It's also left me with money to get a couple cans of coke when I do Laundry on Saturday.

My treats instead of Pizza every Saturday will now be 2 $1.00 bags of chips from the drug store near where I live. So should have enough for that. NOW I need to also put like $20 in my wallet in a different spot for emergency cab money. I messed up last month and spent that - It was NOT in a different spot - this the need for a different spot. Lets say different spot one more time shall we?

So $11.67 left over for my weekly treat. Sounds sparse don't it? Well it is... but we have to accept the consequence of our actions and I decided that this will be a lean month for me because I wanted to party a LOT last month. There is the hope of someone tossing me a donation - but I'm 100% not expecting that to happen the month after Christmas - would you?

On the bright side, I have enough points to get $20 off my food bill next month so that will help and I'm going to stay on plan unless something happens (and it might), so it will be all good (or should be). As well I have a $10 gift card for Co-op so that will help for next months coffee supply - About once a month it goes on sale for $9.99 and there is no tax - so it will cover it.

At least I will be forced to stay on plan for my diet this month. Will have to see how that goes. In any event, It's all good and if I need something badly - my friends will help me as I help them when I can.

Remember BTW - I live on less than $1100 a month, so I'm doing good to have cable, internet, streaming services, feed myself healthy food and still have a bit of fun.


  1. I firmly believe never to tell the universe when you are ahead, it will always answer "challenge accepted"

    1. You are right I posted I'm going to have $120 left over then POOF all the sudden it's $31.


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