I don't tend to get many Christmas Cards at all. In fact very few. The thing is, most of them show up in January and it does not seem to matter when they are sent. If the person sends them early, it still comes late. The only one I got before Christmas day was from the only relative that still communicates with me. I tend to send her back a letter about how my year went as she has how her year went in the card.

The card shown had a Amazon card in it and I used it to get books for my Kindle app on the tablet. I can't use cards on so I get books when I get one from the USA. With shipping to Canada not being free and rather expensive getting something from the US store would be pointless.

I strangely won 3 $100 cards in a short time a couple years ago. I ended up sending them in the mail to people in the USA I knew needed the money. I also got a $100 Walmart card one time that I sent to a person in the USA to get cat food with.

I think if I win another US Amazon card of that value, I'll order hot sauce in from there or something, then use the leftover for books.

In any event, have a great day and keep smiling.


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