DUEDUE Shockproof Heavy Duty Hybrid Case

First off is the obvious. Most apps have layouts that make you tap near the edge of the screen. The very thick edge on this is not tapered, so it's hard to tap that close to the edge or to move icons to a different screen on your launcher.

Second was the hole for the mic and speaker is not fitted all the way and this might snag on something.

Third, when charging the flap to cover the charging port is VERY distorted. I suspect this will be the point where the rubber fails in not too many months, or at least the flap will no longer stay closed.

Forth, there is a smell to it that is very much like petroleum. I don't like it and people may be very sensitive to the smell of it.

On the bright side, the buttons work fine and it seems to have the standard hard shell inside for protection.

The stand is nice but I always keep thinking they will fail on me when I see stands on a case.

The fact that it does not have a screen protector with it for the price is kind of not impressive to me.

But could be worse, the very expensive case I had last failed on me in 14 months and I paid a bit more than twice the price for it.


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