This is my thing. I collect stuffed toys - mostly Pusheen related. The bear was Moms that I gave her when she was in a care home and dying of cancer. No shown is a small grey Pusheen and a dog. The dog was something Mom had in her apartment sitting on her dresser. The small Pusheen sits by my bed and I play with it kind of a lot. The rest of them sit around the apartment and I don't play with them that much, but I will pick one up and carry it around for a bit.

Yup very manly ain't it? But it helps my anxiety a lot to hold these things for some reason. Also when I'm in a lot of pain, the small grey one will comfort me and easy the feeling of pain to an extent.

The bear and the dog are to remind me of Mom. The cow is just something I got on impulse when Mom was in the hospital one time. I saw it in the hospital store when I was shopping for something fun for Mom.

The colored Pusheens are a set. One of the cookie Pusheens is a Chinese knock off referred to as a fortune cookie Pusheen. It's called that for the shape of the cookie I'm told.

There is a Stormy and a Pip as well. They are the siblings of Pusheen.


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