So I had around 7,400 photos from around my city and aria on Flickr. Well they used to have 1TB of storage for free. Now they have changed it to 1000 photos for free instead. The result was me deleting all but 462 of my photos.

The deal with me caring is, they where all set to Creative Commons and I allowed people to use them. Most of them where never downloaded but some where used a several times for different publications I am aware of.

But the better ones are still on there. Frankly, I did have hundreds of photos of food and cars and stuffed toys and so on that not many people would care about.

I do have the photos backed up in the cloud and on 3 hard drives, so not much chance of losing them all one day. I guess I need to get with the times, It's not like many sites have a wack of free storage anymore. Other photo sites I don't really post on much. I just don't care to.

But there are copies of every single photo I've taken on my Facebook some place. So there is that I guess. I have not actually looked for any other free to use sites for photos. Google Photo has the limitation of size to 2048 x 2048 in size and I forget the file size limit. So the resizing of thousands of photos might be a hell of a task to say the least - so that ain't happening LOL.


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