Finally in version 1809 Windows 10 has the Dark Theme in the file explorer. It took long enough and like a great deal of other people, I wondered why the hell it was not carried over to every aspect of the interface instead of just menus.

That being said, it is a hell of a lot nicer to look at now and rather more easy on my eyes as well. I always use the dark or night theme on things I can use it on for the reason of the white being to much on my eyes after a while.

If only Facebook would get on the bandwagon and put out a dark theme or night mode. People have been flooding them with requests for it for years now. Sigh.

If I could make my Kindle books black with white text, I'd do it in a heart beat. I have a lot of problems reading with a white background some days, and it always ends up with a headache if I read for more than 2 hours. I have actually read a great deal of text in the night mode kind of style and it was easy on my eyes.

Now I've not seen proof of this and I'm kind of thinking it's horse hockey, but some say dark mode saves a bit of power. I can actually see if saving the life of your monitor but not saving power to any extent it would be noticeable.

In any event, I'm loving that they carried it over to the folders now WOOT.

Dark theme in Chrome - wish all web pages had dark theme.


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