The new slow cooker. I love this thing. It's twice the size of the old one and has a lot of surface aria so it cooks twice as much in the same time as the last one did. This way I can cook 2 days of food at the same time.

Being that I generally eat the same thing every day all day, it's easy to do. The last one lasted me about 6 or 7 years then dropped dead on me. It cooked a great deal of meals so it's all good. I am hoping this one will last as long as the old one did. They are expensive after all.

You can also see one of my blackout buddies on the plug. It is like a night light that turns on when it gets dark in here and helps me go get a glass of water in the middle of the night. As well it will stay lit for 5 hours after the power goes out and can be used as a flashlight if needed.


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