Cream Cheese Corn Chili

OK I started out with 3 cans of red kidney beans. I then added in a large can of hole tomatoes (cut up the tomatoes myself). Then in went a large can of tomato paste. For peppers I used pickled hot peppers. On the top went 3/4 of a stick of Philadelphia Cream Cheese. I let it sit on high for about 2 hours. I then added in a 750g package of corn and let sit for 2 1/2 more hours on high. I then gave it a good mix and divided it into 4 containers. I also hit it with a generous helping of chili powder and some Italian seasoning mix and a bit of Franks Hot seasoning salt. Also splashed in some Franks extra hot. It was not very spicy but just right for me. I reheated it the next day in the microwave and made 3 meals out of it.


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