OK I'm on a disability program called SAID. Now I always had a working in Moose Jaw and all the sudden I'm being transferred to a working in another city.

 The thing is the mail is far less secure than if I went to the local office and handed in the paper work. As well the Regina office has a very bad reputation for losing paperwork on people. Then there is the expense to a very low income person of having to mail things every time I need to correspond with my worker.

They mention Fax. Well I don't have a landline and I am not paying $33 a month to be able to send something to them every couple of months. I need my cell phone for reasons of safety. I am as I said disabled and could need to call 911 at any time. So I would need both my cell and a land line. Not going to happen.

Now if I need to talk to someone I go to our office in town, so why the hell am I not having a worker in town looking after me? I have to call the number and see if there is an email I can send it to on Monday. I can do that with ease and it won't get lost in the front office somehow, or lost in the mail.

I also want to get hold of the minister in charge and see what the hell is with me being transferred out of city like this. Then you say your trying to five me the best possible service from the ministry? Well I see an error in logic there to say the least.


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