This is just a quick one. Ya know one of the people I never miss a vlog posting for is a Republican? Yup they also like guns and Jesus.

Now if you know me, you realize I'm kind of a democratic socialist who things gun control is a good idea. Also my idea of worship is to dance around a fire or light a candle and wave a dagger over it. Definitely not a big follower of Jesus.

Yes I have respect for these people and how they live their lives. They are to the best of my knowledge good people. They respect the law and other peoples rights and are kind and creative.

So yes I can get along with them. The ones I'll walk away from every time, are the ones who want to yell you down for not agreeing with them. They I have no respect for.

Have a good day all and remember we share the planet and have the ability to get along and love people who are not like us. Hugs.


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