Thank GOD I had some donations from friends this month or next month I'd have been flat broke. So at least now I can take a cab if I need it next month. With luck the same stuff that went wrong this month does not happen.

This month I had $60 in bad rides and $70 in medication that was not covered by my plan. So I was toasted money wise. I also had a few minor expenses I was not expecting to have. It all added up to me being in the hole (on the credit card).

This months Food bill is going to be about $68 and will be left on the card for a month. I should be back to normal  after July. At least I hope I am.

I am told as well I'm being sent a bottle of whisky to enjoy. This is a happy thing. I might actually get stupid and get a bottle of my old stand by on Thursday just because. It's $22.13 right now - so it's less than normal and while it's so low I might get one - just to have a bender after all the stuff that went wrong this month.

As well this is GST month and on the 5th I get my rebate.  It has gone down a slight bit this year as my income has changed from the year before. It's based on income - don't ask me how though - I got not one clue. It seems some people make more money and get more GST and some get but I made slightly more and got less - so I just don't know how it works.

Anyway, I'm hoping nothing goes horribly wrong this month. Even with paying for 2 months of food next month I'm guessing I'll have $170 left over. The month after that about $200. That is the norm to have $200. That gets me dinner out now and then and a bit of whisky now and then and rides in a cab.

I hate having to get people to donate, but there it is - just had to do it this month, to get out of the hole. Now I have my fall back money just in case. I'm going to try and NOT spend all of the extra month this month, so I have SOME left over for August.

BTW Already paid off some of the card and put a bit on the bills with the donation money. It is not shown above. Was about $100 I got donated in total.

If you would like to donate so I can have a bit of fun you can do so HERE.


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