So I had a very large hernia repaired a week ago today. The pain was out of this world when I got out of there. They told me I had 2 shots of morphine - but I can say I freaking doubt they gave me anything. I'd not have been totally clear headed and in the worst pain of my life when I was getting dressed to go home.

Yeah here in Saskatchewan, you get sent home from an operation the same day 96% of the time. It's kind of amazing no one drops dead - sigh.

But anyways, the pain meds they gave me did cut the pain but only by 30% I'd say. They also plugged me up so bad I had to go to the ER 4 days later to get unplugged. That was also not very fun.

Did I mention that the night after I was sent home I was in the ER because my bladder would not drain? Well yeah, a well known and common side effect of anaesthesia. But... Oh well.

So any way it's a week later and I have put on 18 lbs and I'm kind of sure it's mostly water weight. I'm am swollen up so bad my shirt it tight on me. I have had 3 other operations in the past and never even had to have pain meds - let alone was this swollen up after.

This all being said. I seem to be in an uncommonly happy mood today. The pain is a 6 at the moment, but I managed to get out for coffee and a good talk with a friend I don't get to see often. Tomorrow it's coffee with a group of people I see twice a week.

Right now I'm listening to Italian Electro from the 1980's - I got not one clue what they are saying - but this is kind of putting me in the mood to create, so I cranked out some MB3D fractals.

The strange this here is I've not slept as well as I have this week in I'd say 25 years. I got no idea how this works. You would think having the pain cranked up and not taking the pain meds would keep you awake all night - nope.

Anyways - Enough of this - back to the Electro.


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