So the other day I was told by the nice ER doctor to roll on my side so he could examine my butt hole. This is the result on one of my wounds.

I changed the dressing yesterday (2 days after the ER) and this is what it looked like, so yeah - it opened up a bit and started to drain.

Today there is a small spot there of brown again. Until it gets much bigger a spot I won't change it. 9 days from now I'm supposed to get the staples out, but if this thing is still leaking, obviously it will open then. I'm hoping it won't, but it just might.

In any event, the belly is feeling a LOT better now. I'm no longer in terrible pain. I am using my muscles different to prevent hurting my newly fixed muscles inside of me, so I have cramps now and then in a couple spots - as I don't normally use these muscles like this.
I just hope to God I never have to have this happen again. The pain is out of this world and the meds cause you to plug up so bad that nothing will soften the poop. If I do need to have another, I'm going to get some industrial meds for the poop that time.


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