I've been blocked on Facebook for a lot of reasons. Here are some of them:

Telling someone sexual assault is not a joke.

Using the "F word" too much - this came from someone who constantly posted photos of her sex toys.

Because "I'm starting to like you more than my husband so I have to block you".

Really a LOT of people because I think Trump is the worst man for the job.

For voting Liberal in the Saskatchewan and federal elections.

For saying "who cares, you knew what I meant" when someone tried to correct my spelling.

For posting too many photos.

For sharing a persons PUBLIC post.

For being openly pansexual and/or fluid gender.

For liking pineapple on a pizza.

For insisting there is proof the world round, not flat.

For liking cats.

For collecting Pusheen toys and posting photos of them.

For saying everyone should have the same rights, not special rights (they told me they where calling the RCMP on me).

For sharing a video of a drag race.

For not blocking someone another person did not like.

The list goes on. I'm kind of sure the number of people who have blocked me is over 1000 by now. Most of them I will literally never know why.


  1. Some of them just goes to show that you're better off on mewe than Facebook. By the way the Earth is not round it's spherical lol

    1. LOL it's egg shaped. If everyone would move over there and actual use the freaking thing I'd stick to just MeWe.


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