So I'm sitting here with a deep desire to make chili and thinking how I literally can't afford the stuff that goes into it. I mean it's expensive to get the meat and the peppers and so on. By the time I get it all it will be $20 for sure and I just don't have that to spend on myself at the moment - I already spent too much on myself.

But... I am reminded of a recent dream I had that I had won $60,000,000 in the lotto Max and got a house with a big ass TV and lots of recliners so I could have movie nights with my friends.

Also in this dream house was a large room with a vast amount of Pusheen stuffed toys in it. Then there was a well stocked bar in the TV room with all kinds of top end whisky and bourbon.

Seems I have been contaminated with the idea that things make you happy and not yourself making you happy.


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