Still dealing with the aftermath of my surgery. I still maintain I got nothing for pain management when I was in the hospital. If they did give me any, it was enough for a small child only, and not for a very large adult.

 When I was told to get dressed to go home (the same day) I was crying out in pain every time I moved. The effort to get dressed and into the van was monumental.

I've looked back at the video I posted the same day - I was shaking and white the bandage you see below.  It's been 11 days and I'm still in a bit of pain.

I've had 3 other surgery's in the past and I have not needed pain management after any of them - just the same day of the operation did I need something. So obviously this was a LOT bigger deal than before.

I don't know what the hell it is with the hospital in Moose Jaw (and doctors) not wanting to give you pain meds that actually kill pain, but it's extremely common. Many people I know have had the same issue.

I don't like to scream class division, but it seems to be the case in this city. I know people who have a good paying job that actually do get good pain management. The less money you have the less pain meds you tend to get for some reason. Trust me, I'm far from alone in thinking this.

I literally know a fellow with a well paying job that is 1/3 my size that was given 4X the dosage I was prescribed when he had an indecent with his shoulder.

Now he did NOT actually need to be operated on and yet got more pain management that I did. My friend looking after me was horrified at the pain I was in and frankly so where several other people.

 I don't want to brag, but I'm kind of good at handling pain and it needs to be a hell of a lot of it for me to actually scream like that. To tell the truth, I have literally never screamed in pain before - not even as a child when I broke my arm.

So something here has to change. Either they messed up the math vastly or they are doing what a lot of people are saying, and under dosing poor people when it comes to pain meds.

In any event, have a blessed day.

P.S. I've lived with chronic pain for over 20 years and the last 5 of those years I've taken NO pain meds for it. I still manage to do my day to day tasks all alone and rarely need a day off. But this almost killed my from the shock to my body. 


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    1. It should be. If I go to Regina I get proper treatment and proper dosages of pain meds to kill the pain. Same with Saskatoon. But here the lower the income the less pain meds you get and often the longer you wait.


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