An entire moth of beans and tomatoes to be cooked up as food on my "bean diet". Also a moths worth of coffee and a pile of medication. On the far left we have the leftover meds from last time. I had made a trip to get a medicated cream, so I got refills while I was at it, so now it looks like I'm completely screwed with the hoard of meds I have up there LOL. As for the canned goods, they are lower in salt than other discount brands - so it's all good. The coffee was because I could not afford my normal Nabob, but I realized this is not bad for the price and I'm sticking with it from now on. The rest of the food is in the fridge. I have several bags of frozen veggies and some hotdogs and buns in the freezer. Once a week I do hotdogs instead of the bean mix. Anyways, shopping went well this time and I got a good saving and a lot of points - so next month will be good as well because of the $20 off I will get - with luck there will be the same deal on the canned goods as well and I'll save even more. Well off to grab another coffee and rest for a moment. Lack of paragraphs was intentional.


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