~ 40% of people who self castrate do so to control harmful sexual urges. Strangely, 30% are because of a sexual fetish to be castrated. I can understand the first one but not the second one.

~ In 2014 a man in Markham Ontario was taken to the hospital after his sister found him trying to castrate himself with a kitchen knife. The man was treated in the ER and held for physical evaluation.

~ In July of 1991 a man on his lunch hour was masturbating in a machine shop when he climaxed, he accidentally got his scrotum caught in between a belt and pulley of a machine. He was thrown 10 feet and his left testicle was ripped off. He stapled the scrotum back together then went back to work. After work he went to the ER to get it looked at and only then realized he had lost his left testicle.

~ May 30, 2004 Amanda Monti had a fight in a restaurant with her boyfriend. She then reached in his pants, ripped off one of his testicles and tried to eat it, but gagged and spit it out. In court she plead temporary insanity but the judge still found her guilty.


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